About Us

Aims of the group

To provide support to new parents, and improve the experience of the new local parents at diagnosis

Opportunities to meet other families living with Down’s Syndrome in the area

To be a source of local and general information regarding Down’s Syndrome and local provision

To raise awareness and understanding of Down’s Syndrome in the local community

“A group of us got together early in 2011 to make sure there was somewhere in East Lancs for families involved with Down’s Syndrome to go for support and friendship. We have been fortunate in finding a great location to hold our meetings, with facilities to suit every age group and space for adults to chat whilst the children play. We decided to hold meetings on a Saturday so that the whole family can join in: Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Carers… anyone who wants to get involved. We hope you will come along and join us, but if you’d prefer just to chat over the phone or don’t want to wait for the next meeting, please do just give us a ring.”

“we really enjoyed meeting with everyone they were great and very welcoming! We can’t wait for the next meeting”- Lisa, new member