Do people with Down’s syndrome have a particular personality type?

No, people with Down’s syndrome do not have a particular personality type. People with Down’s syndrome are individuals. However, people with Down’s syndrome are more likely to use certain coping strategies. For example, it is common for people with Down’s syndrome to use routine, order and sameness as a way of rationalising and controlling their lives. Similarly, people with Down’s syndrome may also use self-talk as a way of directing their behaviour, expressing their feelings and making sense of what is sometimes a very confusing world. Change can be very disorientating especially if you have a learning disability.In the past, people with Down’s syndrome have sometimes been portrayed as being stubborn. Stubbornness and a refusal to co-operate may be a signal from the individual that they do not fully understand what is expected of them. Stubbornness can also be symptomatic of an individual trying to exert control over their lives. The best way to help someone is to try and find out from him or her what the problem is.

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