What is life like now for people with Down’s syndrome?

In the past it was believed that there were many things that people with Down’s syndrome could not do when in fact they had never been given the opportunity to try.
Today these opportunities have never been greater with many people with Down’s syndrome leading rich and varied lives. However there is along way to go and much work to be done before all people with Down’s syndrome, both children and adults are given the opportunity to partake fully in all aspects of community life.
The Government has recognised this and has completed the first full review of services for people with learning disabilities in 30 years. This has resulted in the White Paper – “Valuing People: A New Strategy for learning Disabilities for the 21st Century”, in which the key principles – legal and civil rights, independence, choice, inclusion – are to be reflected in every aspect of the lives of children and adults with learning disabilities. “Valuing People” applies only to England. Similar strategies are being introduced in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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