What is the correct terminology regarding people with Down’s syndrome?

Down’s syndrome is not a disease and therefore people with Down’s syndrome do not suffer nor are they victims of their condition.
Down’s syndrome is only a part of the person, they should not be referred to as “a Down’s”. People with Down’s syndrome are all unique individuals and should be acknowledged as a person first and foremost.
It is important to think of the person first, e.g. “John is 29 and he has Down’s syndrome”.
What does the DSA do for people with Down’s syndrome and their families?
For 40 years the Down’s Syndrome Association, has worked hard to improve knowledge and understanding about people with Down’s syndrome amongst the general public. We believe that this is the key to society recognising the value and contribution children and adults with Down’s syndrome make to our communities. We provide information, counselling, support and advocacy for people with Down’s syndrome, their families/carers and professionals. We champion the rights of people with Down’s syndrome to help ensure they have the support opportunities they need to live lives of their own choosing.

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